Saturday, February 3, 2018


The breeze of a lost world bears the scent of scorched dreams
It smells acrid, like an amalgamation of elapsed grievances
Menacing clouds around us resemble smoke of wasted initiatives
Like discarded orchids, sinking in the sea of longing, hopelessly…

The silent sky triggers an acute sadness, lingering without a purpose
It feels frigid, like a distressing combination of neglected expectations
Floating lilies on a stream of tears, lead to a bottomless lake of despair
Like burning blood vessels, struggling with unmet desires, helplessly

Joy and Happiness appear quite small while in the grip of our hands
Yet, if suddenly misplaced, we find how large and precious they were
Hope and Dignity belong to the valiant souls willing to embrace hope 
But if they are taken from us, we find at once how gigantic they were…

Mere mortals, we beg Olympus for significant meanings and objectives
Throughout the ages, we wandered lost, vanquished, and misguided
Despite immense sorrow and endless fear, we stumble in all directions
Deprived of Joy, Happiness, Hope and Dignity, we lose our humanity…

Now unrecognizable, we are undistinguished from witless creatures…



During the past several months, fear, silence and solitude kept me company
Somehow, it feels like a murky veil was cast around my frame, like a dungeon
So confined is my soul, that it is impossible to discern comrades from foes
Despite my self-imposed captivity, I ride imaginary pink clouds, as I dream…

Deeply engaged in imaginary exploits, I jaunt an obscure haze, seeking exodus
Somehow, I must have turned into a voluntary hostage of my own dread, at dusk
So absorbed I am, attempting to recognize insignias, that I fail to find a pathway
Despite my desperate struggle to flee, I follow the script of my endless nightmare…

Utterly perplexed, I continue embroiled in mystery, determined to face misgivings
Somehow, my entire existence hustles like photons, jumping between universes
So that I might overlook all sources of terror, and the monsters of yesterday
Despite the wicked ghouls, looming in the shadows, I ensue towards the light…


Ao longo dos últimos meses, o silêncio e a solidão tornaram-se meus companheiros
De certo modo, parece que um véu eterno e sombrio foi lançado ao meu redor, como uma masmorra
Tão aprisionado sente-se minha alma atormentada, que muitas vezes não posso discernir parceiros de inimigos
Apesar do meu auto imposto cativeiro solitário, continuo cavalgando nuvens imaginárias rosadas enquanto sonho...

Profundamente envolvido com aventuras imaginárias, prossigo navegando aquela névoa obscura, buscando uma fuga
De alguma forma, parece que me tornei uma espécie de refém, voluntário de meu próprio medo durante o anoitecer
Tão absorvido estou, ao tentando vislumbrar insígnias reconhecíveis, que não consigo encontrar o caminho claro
Apesar da minha luta desesperada para encontrar uma saída, prossigo seguindo o roteiro do meu pesadelo sem fim...

Totalmente perplexo, continuo envolvido em mistério, determinado a enfrentar minhas dúvidas...
De certa maneira, parece que toda a minha existência acelerou como fótons, saltando entre inúmeros universos
Para que eu possa esforçar-me a ignorar muitas fontes de pânico, e vários monstros de dias passados

Apesar de tantos fantasmas perversos, pairando entre as sombras, sigo na direção da luz ...

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Brazilian Monarchs-Monarcas Brasileiros (Music "O Guarani" by Carlos Gomes)

The Brazilian Monarchs - From Discovery through Empire /
Os monarcas do Brasil - da Descoberta até o Império /
Les Monarques du Brésil - de la Découverte jusqu'à l'Empire /
Die brasilianische Kaisern - von der Entdeckung zur Kaiserreich

Abertura de (Opening of) "O GUARANI" by the great Brazilian composer Antônio Carlos Gomes (1836-1896)- He was the first New World composer whose work was accepted by Europe.

This video contains all the Brazilian monarchs (Portuguese Kings and Brazilian Emperors) starting at the time of Brazil’s discovery by the Portuguese navigator Pedro Alvares Cabral in 1500 (when the Colonial period started) through Brazilian independence (and the establishment of the Brazilian Empire – 1822) until the unfortunate proclamation of the republic by the Brazilian military, in 1889, thereby ending the greatest era of Brazilian history.

Este vídeo contém todos os monarcas brasileiros (reis portugueses e imperadores do Brasil) a partir do momento do descobrimento do Brasil, pelo navegador Português Pedro Alvares Cabral em 1500 (quando o período Colonial começou) seguido na independência com o estabelecimento do Império do Brasil (1822) até a proclamação da república pelos militares brasileiros, em 1889, infelizmente terminando a era mais gloriosa da história brasileira.

Cette vidéo contient tous les monarques du Brésil (des rois portugais et empereurs du Brésil) à partir du moment de la découverte du Brésil par le navigateur portugais Pedro Alvares Cabral en 1500 (quand la période coloniale est commencée), suivi par l'indépendance, avec la création de l'Empire du Brésil (1822), jusqu'à la proclamation de la République par l'armée brésilienne en 1889, ce qui a malheureusement finit la plus glorieuse période de l'histoire brésilienne.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Love for Liberty Triggers my strong Opposition to Noam Chomsky’s Radical Neo-Socialist Worldviews

The communist ideology is based on an unrealistic, lofty and intangible set of goals which has consistently persuaded idealistic intellectuals to create powerful works in support of a so-called valiant effort to conquer the hearts & souls of millions of naïve, well intended individuals. There are many alleged “academics” who have been instrumental acting as agents of tyranny, but none has been as effective as the infamous, self-professed “anarcho-syndicalist” Avram Noam Chomsky, whose large number of essays in economics and political philosophy – many of which with elements of what I classify as “disinformation” (or, deliberately created false data embedded in factual, historical events in order to create dissent) – has contributed to a rising number of activists espousing a clear anti-Western Perspective.

Since Mr. Noam Chomsky’s strong opposition to the Vietnam War - articulated in his essay "The Responsibility of Intellectuals" which was extended in his “American Power and the New Mandarins” – he has become a well-known icon of anti-American libertarianism. An ardent critic of U.S. foreign and domestic policy, Noam Chomsky represents, in my view, one of the very first agents of a radical leftist underground global movement designed to gradually trigger a “mild dissension” among average citizens of Western Nations, with the objective of assisting the main secret agenda of some co-agents - members of international organizations - to beget the establishment of a Global Socialist government, a very dangerous goal which I consider REPUGNANT! Without any doubt, Chomsky is a dedicated activist advocating his self-declared libertarian socialist doctrine, the principles of which are hypocritically perceived as being grounded in the Age of Enlightenment, under the false premise that they embody "the proper and natural extension of classical liberalism into the era of advanced industrial society." Rather, I would contend that Mr. Chomsky’s position promotes the views of the above-mentioned neo-socialist global movement which intends to emulate Hugo Chavez on a global level, in order to take over the command of a future World Government under false liberal premises, thereby redistributing Western wealth whereas dismantling democratic institutions to control and oppress the people into a silent herd of politically compliant automatons!

Mr. Chomsky’s membership of the “Campaign for Peace and Democracy” (a New York-based organization that promotes "a new, progressive and non-militaristic U.S. foreign policy) and the “Industrial Workers of the World” international union (whereby workers should be united as a class and that the wage system should be abolished) not only confirm my above-stated views and his unquestionable position of a dangerous radical who should be monitored, and hopefully, STOPPED! In his published a book on anarchism titled “Chomsky on Anarchism” it has been stated: “Authority, unless justified, is inherently illegitimate and that the burden of proof is on those in authority. If this burden can't be met, the authority in question should be dismantled. Authority for its own sake is inherently unjustified”

Every legitimate humanitarian organization, along with malicious, politically motivated groups, advocating the noble objective of social justice & equality in a world of brotherly inter-cultural cooperation, harmony and peace generally include, less then idyllic agendas which deceitfully conceal the horrific secret agenda of tyrants-in-waiting, many of whom mentally imbalanced and potentially dangerous. Because Socialism invariably ignores or discounts humanity’s imperfect, egotistical and cruel nature, whenever left-wing authoritarian polities take over the reins of nation, the proponents of this devious political philosophy invariably unmask their true colors by oppressing, coercing, controlling, torturing and murdering millions of innocent victims who find themselves prisoners of a society awash with fear and helplessness, which, because of the inevitable and gradual implementation of censorship, is displayed to the world as a Potemkin of satisfied workers who are happily cooperating for the collective goals of socialism…

Consequently, because many strong minded militants and ideologically mobilized scholars support Mr. Noam Chomsky’ standpoint, they are also directly or indirectly supporting a secret umbrella of strongly anti-Western socialist factions. Given his systematic criticism of American foreign policy, primarily for including what he strongly accuses of double standards - preaching democracy and freedom in the one hand, while allying itself with non-democratic and repressive organizations (e.g. Augusto Pinochet), I counter that all major world powers – from ancient and recent history, including the former Soviet Union – could not possibly avail themselves of occasionally sacrificing fundamentally crucial long term national interest for temporary moral sacrifices, where one must reluctantly cast a blind eye towards questionable events where even the most cherished principles appear to have been forsaken. To be sure, the unfortunate need for such disagreeable dichotomies in international affairs are often indispensible in order a government (especially those with regional security obligations) to be poised for the furthering of peace and security throughout civilized society, never forgetting the overriding necessity to pursue whichever pathway that it may be required to fight the most implacable of all enemies: secular and religious totalitarianism (that is, socialism and Islamism).

Sunday, March 6, 2011

MALEVOLENT HUMAN CALLOUSNESS -- Crueldade e Insensibilidade Humana

Ruthlessness has plagued human existence and driven its kind to exponentially greater levels of malignant deeds since the very inception of the species, when Neolithic men slaughtered one another, and managed to eradicate the Neanderthal sub branch of hominids after “stealing” a feeble fraction of their DNA through interbreeding. Although the amount of conflict was relatively inferior to all subsequent eras, possibly due to the
absence of land ownership, there have been sporadic anthropological findings evidencing massive brutality exerted by men upon its own kind. Hence, there is no doubt that the masters of this planet have always been capable of immeasurable cruelty, whereas developing ever more colorful, picturesque euphemisms, during the past few centuries, designed to justify conflicting hidden agendas, while concealing their wicked nature.

A thorough and reflexive analysis of eight millennia of history would suffice to persuade any honest observer that poetry, comedy and philosophy are beautifully conceived tools intended to circumvent and camouflage humanity’s vicious disposition and its dark mission to destroy planet Earth. Under these circumstances, we should conclude that the arts and literature depict scarcely more than the hypocrisy of a sentient species devoted to deliberately oppress its own brethren, while living under the pretense of its conceited, noble concepts.

Utilizing poignant terminology such as “humanism” and “civilization,” mankind has been victorious in a clever campaign to define itself as an intrinsically benign creature. Yet, there is a limit to how much intelligent individuals can be self-deluded
by well-orchestrated social masquerades; thereby cleverly masking from itself the overwhelming burden imposed by implacable mores dictated by the very society it has crafted, in conformity with shallow, unrealistic religious criteria...

Undeniably there are remarkable exceptions - outstanding entities capable of overcoming the innate limitations ordained by human condition, by shedding the rancid foundation of our hearts. These remarkable exceptions epitomize the “virtuous” icons eulogized throughout centuries of civilization, serving as valiant efforts to inspire the masses to rise above the confines of their sordid nature, in a desperate effort to trigger humanity into a new threshold of its evolutionary journey. Yet, this never ending parade of rare, desirable virtues scarcely achieve more than prompting an array of mythological characters in mystically devised allegories, labeled as “miracles” or “commandments” for the public to absorb either as “divine laws” or as comforting badges for better days to come…

Nonetheless, the crux of the matter rests upon the hard fact
that Human ruthlessness is just an inescapable quintessential part of its essence, and only eons of continuous evolution may perhaps permit our species to become something akin to the quaint images of all-loving and almighty gods, in very distant future. Yet, I daresay that because of men’s innate drive to incalculable atrocities, incapable of quenching their unstoppable thirst for blood, never heeding the brutality committed by their forefathers, there is scarcely any effort to heed history’s lessons and attempt to rectify unforgivable errors. To be sure, mankind has always been irreparably oblivious to past blunders, blindly obsessed with power and mercilessly deceptive, thereby assuring its own inevitable downfall. Unfortunately, it seems unlikely that it may ever be capable of swerving from the current trail, and shall continue trotting along this atrocious pathway until the glorious moment when, as a gift to the Universe, it succeeds in eliminating the very last vestige of its pointless, fleeting presence from the surface of its home planet.

If only the Neanderthal men had emerged victorious and inherited the Earth to develop its own civilization, perhaps the planet would have had a gentler, kinder history over the past twenty two millennia, thereby affording this blue spec to keep on hovering, with abundant life across the infinity of time-space continuum.

Friday, January 7, 2011


An animation of a human cell connecting and multiplying

Saturday, December 18, 2010


As of September 2010 this blog contains articles, videos and poems in English and Portuguese
HOWEVER, effective December 2010, there will also be occasional French texts here.
(Prior to that time, all editorials were posted exclusively in English).

Desde Setembro de 2010, este blog contém editoriais, vídeos e poemas em INGLÊS e PORTUGUÊS
NO ENTANTO, apartir de Dezembro 2010, apareceram ocasionalmente textos no idioma Frances.
Anteriormente, todos os comentários foram publicados no idioma inglês.

Depuis Septembre 2010, ce blog contient des articles, des vidéos et des poèmes en anglais et en portugais.
CEPENDANT, a partir de DECEMBRE 2010, il y aura aussi de temps en temps des textes en français.
AUPARAVANT, tous les commentaires ont été publiés seulement en anglais.

Monday, December 13, 2010


The key to a lasting peaceful coexistence on Earth possibly hinges upon the elimination of primitive, hate inspiring religious sects from the fabric of human societies. In fact, the outcome of such valiant endeavor might actually represent the quintessential factor upon which the very survival of our species hinges, while our determination to strive towards its successful completion would epitomize the notion of collective worthiness. Whilst such an extraordinary undertaking would demonstrate our capacity to evolve into a higher plane of existence, where Earth’s dominant species would be finally poised to reach the stars, its price tag today appears beyond our reach given the magnitude of the combined efforts required. Irrefutably, unless mankind splinters its multiple shackles of voluntary servitude, by completely undermining the global subservience to whimsical divine entities, thereby suppressing incongruous dogmatic beliefs imposed by “modern mythological sects”, this noble task is unlikely to ever be attained.

In essence, the existing myriad of so-called “religious institutions” deprive humanity of the ability to question fabled principles or legendary tenets, which might empower individuals to systematically challenge the validity of ancient tales and flippant allegories contained in archaic scrolls, many of which may have been possibly altered by theological scholars during the Middle Ages. They hold sway of our minds, depicting horrific visions of Hades with everlasting punishment. Furthermore, they virtually tend to categorize independent thought as blasphemous, whereas labeling its cohorts as heretic. Under these appalling circumstances, because the remaining primitive sects invariably contain significant groups of clashing concepts – related to tales of creationism as well as “divine commandments” - not to mention various types of “sins” - the notion of “guilt” was firmly ingrained in the human psyche in order to prevent disobedience, lest it might weaken or even sever their controlling tentacles.

Because these powerful organizations emerged and successfully held sway over significant cultures in nearly every continent, during a time when mankind lingered in a rather primeval juncture, too naïve and oblivious to the most fundamental scientific principles, these early creeds were in a position to hastily spread across vast regions, thereby establishing legitimacy as the rightful holders of sacred “truth,” and claiming the aptitude of providing the “righteous path” towards a purported state of "salvation." Although many of these sects were often based upon various ancient components of the rich, older Egyptian mythology, time and circumstance eventually elicited the gradual modification of several key details, thereby continuously transforming some core beliefs to the point of rendering them irretrievably divergent, even after many of them underwent dramatic renovation with the advent of monotheism. In essence, the resulting emergence of a growing number of distinct sectarian doctrines, set forth the source of a substantial number of conflicts due to cultural intolerance and religious warfare. To be sure, many antagonizing, irreconcilable postures are ultimately rooted upon the existence of distinctive primary belief systems that have been dividing men everywhere into opposing groups of “devout followers” and “wicked infidels”. Such deep-seated cleavage in turn triggered the gruesome concepts of blasphemy and apostasy, along with increased oppression, mass-exterminations and indescribable human suffering.

Given the multitude of contradictory philosophies (ideologies), any deeper analysis of current and historical conflicts will surely reveal that these fundamental and irreconcilable religious distinctions are generally the root cause of the overwhelming majority of bloody conflicts and fratricide wars across our planet. Undeniably, because during key periods of our known history, most religious establishments were either led or influenced by clever or deviant clerics, priests and imams - poised to manipulate “faithful believers” – our past is filled with innumerable episodes of tremendous suffering, torture, and slaughter of millions of innocent victims!

Interestingly, there are misguided intellectuals who advocate the idyllic notion whereby “the key to peaceful contentment lies in opening the symbols of the world's religions to everyone,” stressing a misconceived notion that sacred objects would "miraculously" provide the necessary strength for some individuals to attain "inner peace," and perform astonishing feats - often classified as “miracles”. While modern science remains unable to fully explain the source of some intangible talents, despite the accelerating inflow of significant discoveries, it is clear that the human brain is capable of inestimable accomplishments and represents the actual source of extraordinary skills to individuals with the innate capability of executing remarkable feat. When these exceptional people access certain unidentified areas of the brain, they may occasionally demonstrate unusual “talents”. Because some of these amazing exploits were observed, across the ages, by primitive societies, they have been historically portrayed as “miracles” based upon blind faith, and often also manipulated or exaggerated by medieval scholars, given mankind’s earlier inability to apply logic and scientific methodology.

Only the prevalence of sheer ignorance systematically sustains the validity of absurd legends and superstitious mores, endorsing and/or enhancing the ability of primitive existing sects to hold sway over vast segments of every society on Earth. Because this disagreeable condition still afflicts billions of people, who are unable to embrace logic over myth, dozens of religious institutions continue with the necessary power to influence or dominate the human mind. Hence, in light of their countless opposing dogmas, taking advantage of persistent ignorance worldwide, various mythological creeds will regrettably continue eliciting hatred among nations, thus representing the ultimate source of so much misery, injustice and conflict among the cultures of our troubled planet.

As if so much bickering over absurd allegorical symbolism and meaningless discussions over intangible issues or outrageous public rallies demanding the death of religious opponents would ever justify so much effort, pain and energy, let alone the loss of innocent human life… There is no limit to the extent of human folly and ruthlessness!

Monday, September 20, 2010


In light of the relevance of Next article, I have decided to create two versions thereof, the first one in English, and the next in Portuguese.
In English:

Devido a relevância do próximo editorial, decidi criar duas versões: a primeira em inglês, em seguida a versão em português.
Em português:
O Trágico Destino do Brasil sob Dilma Rouseff do PT = Neo-Comunismo e a Perda da Liberdade de Expressão


According to EPOCA magazine, the Brazilian president – Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva - made a frightening pronouncement during a recent visit to the city of Recife (the capital of his home state, where he is allegedly considered a sort of "semi-god"):

"I have considered establishing a strong body, where all forces that have supported us, would be duly merged; thereby ensuring that “we the people” never again permit that a future president suffer as much as I have…”

Because the report from the above-mentioned Brazilian magazine covers a topic I have analyzed during the past several months, I believe that this frightening declaration may have been released by President Lula by accident, thereby providing an excellent insight into the real (macabre) intentions of the socialist government which Dilma Rousseff is likely to establish… Hence, I am convinced that this extremist candidate will consider adopting measures and embracing policies that would be significantly more radical than those implemented during the past eight years, given her certified association with a brutal revolutionary group (responsible for a slew of unforgivable terrorist crimes) during the military regime (1960’s), and the inescapable support she receives from Hugo Chavez.

Using the wise words of the same Brazilian publication, the actual intention of PT would be the establishment of an anesthetized democracy, which would institute a people’s " POLITICAL ORGANISM " designed to neutralize the Brazilian National Congress, thereby implying that the existing democratic rules were no longer satisfactory; in its stead one would consider adopting a "direct link" of the executive power to the “masses” in order to "defuse” the powers of the Senate, which today continues as one of the few institutions capable of providing an effective counterbalance to an increasingly authoritarian central government, as it remains capable of stopping some of the dangerous actions originating from PT officials.

Consequently, the customary Brazilian political apathy is likely to cost us, this time, an extraordinarily high price, because as soon as the Brazilian people blindly permits the gradual positioning of totalitarian currents, we shall be automatically deprived of the precious gem called “FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION”, which several young Brazilians probably take for granted, and the permanent loss of which most of them seem unable to actually conceive… Nonetheless, a brief casting of the eyes towards a northwesterly direction (Caracas) would be sufficient for any reasonable Brazilian to see how much has been dismantled and/or destroyed by the deceptive and oppressive Hugo Chavez since 1998, when he was originally elected under false pretences. Indeed, as soon as he censured the Venezuelan newspapers and silenced the TV networks, this totalitarian ruler instantly started strengthening governmental control over all political, economic and social aspects of his country, while restricting or eliminating the remaining democratic institutions, in conformity with GRAMSCI’s radical methodology (which prescribes the necessity of a peaceful formation of “non-military dictatorships” in a peaceful, legitimate and democratic fashion in order for any nation to successfully establish a Socialist State).

Therefore, due to the typical political inertia of the Brazilian citizenry, the political parties of the loyal opposition, and various municipal, state and federal institutions/organization across the Federation, along with the disciplined and obedient silence of the "new Armed Forces" (duly infiltrated and manipulated by the governing party during the past eight years), the deceptive government of President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva wisely utilized the entirety of his mandate to set up the "initial phase" of a clever and discrete plan, in conformity with São Paulo Forum’s secret agreements. As the election of Dilma Rousseff becomes an indisputable fact, this catastrophic event will indubitably trigger the Final Phase of PT's diabolical objectives, the implementation of which will almost inevitably steal the democratic process and the freedom of expression from the Brazilian people, thereby transforming our free, joyous nation into yet another collective trap of oppression,
intimidation, and hardship to everyone…

On a closing personal note, my bleeding heart is crying for the loss of Brazil, my family and dear friends at the hands of totalitarianism!

O Tragico Destino do Brasil sob Dilma Rouseff do PT = Neo-Comunismo e a Perda da Libertade de Expressão

De acordo com a revista ÉPOCA, durante uma recente visita do presidente do Brasil a cidade de Recife (onde ele é supostamente considerado um “semi-deus”), o incumbente fez um assombroso pronunciamento a respeito das planejadas reformas politicas de seu questionável partido politico, entre as quais a seguinte declaração publica:

"Penso em criar um organismo muito forte, juntando todas essas forças que nos apoiam, para que nunca mais a gente possa permitir que um presidente sofra o que eu sofri."
Ademais, alem desta assustadora declaração representar um tema que analisei durante varios meses, que recentemente fora confirmado pela Revista mencionada acima, e a qual acredito haja sido acidentalmente divulgada, considero este assunto como uma excelente introvisão no universo de macabras intenções do futuro governo socialista (PT) que Dilma Rousseff formaria. Portanto, estou convencido de que esta candidata extremista estaria disposta a aprofundar medidas e radicalizar atitudes tomadas durante os últimos oito anos, devido a sua constatada associação com um perigoso grupo revolucionário (responsável por inúmeros crimes que considero imperdoáveis) durante sua juventude na epoca do governo militar, conjuntamente seu inescapavel apoio de Hugo Chavez.

Usando as sabias palavras desta mesma revista brasileira, a verdadeira intenção do PT seria a criação de uma democracia anestesiada, onde estabelecer-se-ia um "Organismo Politico" popular com o objetivo de neutralizar o congresso nacional. A concepçao de tal organismo sugere que, para o partido do presidente brasileiro, as existentes regras democráticas não serviriam mais; em seu lugar, adotar-se-ia uma "ligação direta" da ala executiva (presidência) ate as massas populares, com o objetivo de "neutralizar o senado, o qual ainda permanece efetivamente capaz de bloquear algumas das perigosas ações “PT-istas”.

Conseqüentemente, a tipica apatia politica brasileira desta vez nos custaria um preço excessivamente alto, pois no momento em que o povo permitir a gradativa criação de correntes totalitárias, estaremos todos a nos deprivar da preciosa perola chamada LIBERDADE DE EXPRESSÃO, a qual muitos jovens brasileiros provavelmente assumem ser um direito tão automático, pois muitos deles seguramente não concebem a possibilidade de perde-la... Não obstante, bastaria apenas lançar os olhos na direção noroeste, para que qualquer brasileiro sensato possa constatar tudo aquilo que o opressivo ditador venezuelano desmantelou e destruiu desde 1998, quando fora eleito pela primeira vez sob falsas intenções. Assim que ele censurou os jornais e silenciou as estações de televisão na Venezuela, logo começou a fortalecer seu controle sobre todos os aspectos políticos, econômicos e sociais de seu pais, enquanto restringia ou eliminava todas as instituições democráticas de acordo com a metodologia radical de Gramsci (o qual prescrevera a necessidade de pacificamente estabelecer "ditaduras não militares" iniciadas de maneira democrática e legitima).

Para concluir a fase final deste tenebroso esquema, assim que "o partido" conseguir silenciar a mídia domestica, e sentir-se livre dos prévios empecilhos proporcionados pelas destruídas instituições democráticas, o poderoso presidente da republica continuaria fortalecendo sua autoridade, especialmente se puder continuar contando com amplo apoio popular; em cujas circunstancias, poucos críticos e dissidentes atrever-se-iam a levantar quaisquer questões sobre atos governamentais duvidosos , tal como na Venezuela, devido a existência das "massas" populares radicalizadas que podem ser convocadas a qualquer instante, e que seriam convocadas na continuação da revolução bolivariana, que no Brasil constituiriam, de forma robusta, o "organismo politico" sugerido pelo presidente Lula em Recife. Tal poderoso organismo seria quase certamente liderado por um movimento como o MST, o qual essencialmente poderia ignorar quaisquer leis que, devido a passagem de um certo "projeto-lei de direitos humanos (pois seus membros se encontrariam fora do alcance da policia), e transformar-se-ia assim numa poderosíssima MILICIA POPULAR que reconheceria apenas a autoridade da presidência da republica.

A partir deste triste momento para a nossa nação, uma coligação our fusão de partidos esqueridistas cosolidariam seu dominio completa sobre a Republica Federativa do Brasil, assim efetivamente e formalmente implantando a Ditadura Civil de Esquerda almejada hoje pelo PT, de maneira que o poderoso líder (ou oligarquia politica) executivo(a) poderia virtualmente criar, confiscar, intimidar, aprisionar e restringir qualquer outro aspecto social, politico e econômico do pais.

Por conseguinte, devido a inercia dos cidadãos brasileiros, dos partidos políticos de oposição, e dos vários órgãos municipais e estaduais da federação, conjuntamente com o silencio obediente e disciplinado das "novas forças armadas" (sabiamente infiltradas e manipuladas através de um gradual processo de controle do PT), o deceptivo governo do presidente Luiz Inácio da Silva - seguindo acordos secretos multilaterais do Foro de São Paulo - utilizou "a fase inicial" de seus oito anos de governo para discreta- e gradativamente implementar a primeira fase deste longo e discreto plano. Se a eleição quase inevitável da ex-terrorista candidata do PT - Dilma Rousseff – tornar tal pesadelo numa infernal realidade, tal evento catastrófico iria indubitavelmente desencadear a Fase Final deste plano diabólico, cuja execução roubaria o processo democrático e a liberdade de expressão do povo brasileiro, assim transformando nosso país lindo numa outra prisão coletiva de opressão, intimidação e sofrimento para todos...

Concluido com uma observação pessoal, o meu coração está sangrando e chorando com a perda do Brasil, minha família e meus queridos amigos!

Monday, August 23, 2010


The Anguished Essays were created with the purpose of eventually hold a series of personal Poems and general essays which would convey the enormous suffering which "the gods" have bestowed upon Humanity across the ages, perhaps as penitence for its incalculable sins and cruel deeds... Yet upon completion of "The Contemplation of Sorrow" (the first poem I wrote), in 2005, I left it shelved for a number of years. Nonetheless, in April 2010, I was persuaded to convert this poem into my first video, bearing the same tittle: "Contemplation of Sorrow"..

In light of the unexpected feedback received in Youtube, also due to the encouragement of my wonderful virtual friends, I decided to create a second poem, fairly in line with the original, thereby enabling me to establish my intended "collection". This time around, however, I have converted my new work into a video immediately thereafter (May 2010), thereby formalizing the collection i had endeavored to undertake - Under the same series "ANGUISHED ESSAYS" and following the same style & pattern - hoping to partly emulate my previous relative "success", I uploaded the Contemplation of Deception with the "high expectation" of meeting with the approval of my readers and Youtube friends/subscribers.

Unlike the first poem of the series however, which was created on account of a personal matter, the CONTEMPLATION OF DECEPTION has three underlying themes:
1 - DENIAL OF THE WESTERN WORLD'S SO-CALLED "IDEALIZED LOVE", which, in my opinion represents a cruel fallacy...
2 - A CRITICISM OF CORPORATE ARROGANCE", namely, the hypocritical random policies often adopted by huge conglomerates, allegedly designed to comply with certain regulations, which however baffle and /or confound their customers and users, whereas rendering them captive victims of an exceedingly complex web of circular and subjective instructions.

- Criticism of LOVE: Due to Trovadorism during the Middle Ages (France & Portugaliza - currently Portugal & Galicia). Because of these early highly idealized romantic notions, most citizens of the Western World are held hostage of non-existent notions of Romantic Love - throughout their lives - by virtue of their being influenced by glamorized scenarios, and reaching the point of developing the "GREAT EXPECTATIONS" of one day "reaching Nirvana" by achieving such unrealistic states of "Eternal Bliss". In my Poem, Hades, the God of the Underworld, being aware of the non-existence of the idyllic notion of "romantic interludes", fully aware that only LUST and PASSION actually rule the hearts of Men, decides to take advantage of the situation in order to secure a long coveted commodity: "the possession of Aphrodite". Thus, Hades fabricates the "assassination of LOVE" with the assistance of a myriad of entities, and captures the lovely Goddess, rendering his "prisoner", by illegally accusing her of murdering "a non-existent entity".

Will Brazilians Elect a Pro-Bolivarian Former Terrorist as President?

Bearing in mind that the dominant species of our planet consists of blemished human beings, one should always take into account the innumerable flaws which are unfortunately inherent to its very nature: the selfish pursuit of individual interests regardless of cost/consequences; the ability to disguise imperfections; the penchant to deceive others (attempting to portray personal gains as altruistic deeds); the proclivity towards lying and deceiving; the deplorable aptitude for injustice and cruelty. Likewise, one should never forget that humanity's historical record also contains abundant examples of acts of oppression, torture, harassment, and mass murder... Thus, I fail to grasp the underlying logic underpinning scholars, philosophers and idealists who consistently adhere to, and eulogize the so-called benefits of authoritarian political philosophies.

Undeniably, there is a number of social and political stratagems which, when examined strictly on a theoretical basis, are likely to immediately convey superior, admirable and altruistic qualities to most analysts operating without the benefit of additional data, namely, test results pertaining to realistic cases applied and conducted in acceptable and verifiable conditions. On the other hand, many of these academic concepts are sometimes proven impractical or unrealistic when analyzed under certain conditions or when applied to specific scenarios, despite any potential and/or intrinsic theoretical values.

Given the above analytical framework, I must re-affirm my inability to comprehend the rationale prompting many intellectuals to consistently fail to extrapolate what the unavoidably distressing end results deriving from the introduction of Socialism or any other such altruistic, idealistic and authoritarian system would generate in the long run... In essence, by virtue of its ideologically dictated centralism along with its automatic pre-requisite to outlaw opposing viewpoints emerging from alternative segments of society, it is not conceivable that healthy, free and emotionally/materially content societies may ever materialize from any such authoritarian polity.

To be sure, because the imposition of massive censorship within all means of communication automatically sanctions any national and/or regional leader to deliberately conceal flaws, errors, and crimes which may fail to meet with his/her expectations, personal interests or ideological views, the society under consideration would be subjected to potential deception and manipulation. Likewise, because any such leaders would be naturally exposed to any combination of the above-reference human flaws, the citizenry falling under their jurisdiction would be further vulnerable to whimsical caprice, eventual coercive measures, and lack of privacy, along with random interpretation and/or application of their local laws.

Hence, in light of the unavoidable ability to suppress any type of information at will, along with the absence of the mechanisms that allow public scrutiny of a country's political leadership (by opposing factions), societies should always proceed with extreme caution when considering the adoption of Socialist political structures, given its potential costs/threats to its overall citizenry in the long run.

In light of the strength of the preceding arguments, I am astounded by the continued facility whereby certain groups/ segments of (any) society consistently fall prey to astute, manipulative tactics by deceitful, power-hungry hypocrites who successfully pursue and implement factional platforms flaunting banners of an allegedly "democratic," classless, and virtuous SOCIALIST political system. Indeed, despite the availability of copious volumes of historical evidence containing acts of injustice, inefficient production system and excessive abuse/mistreatment of the people, it is mystifying to continuously witness the facility by which deceitful supporters of the Brazilian Workers Party (PT) effectively depict Dilma Rousseff as the logical solution for a "democratic Brazilian republic, whereas concealing her unquestionable ties and ideological connection with the Bolivarian movement of Venezuela's Hugo Chavez.

There is evidence that modern hard-line socialists in Latin America endeavor to portray moderate postures in order to legally secure the necessary power which would enable them, in the future, to be poised for launching legitimate, peaceful “radical revolutions from within” the presidency of their respective countries, as substantiated by the well-known 1998 Univision interview of a “well-intended, moderate Venezuelan presidential candidate.

During this controversial interview, wearing a business suit, Mr. Hugo Chavez amiably reassured the audience that he would never endeavor to remain in power following the initial five-year term, implying respect for his country's democratic institutions, stressing that his decision to become a presidential candidate was based solely upon the objective of "proposing a constitutional reform" designed to address specific outstanding issues of the time; concluding that he would then be "more than happy" to leave office upon termination of the first term or "even earlier".

Likewise, calmly responding to the interviewer's query, Mr. Chavez reaffirmed that he saw no need for nationalization of the mass media, since the sole existing state channel of the time was more than sufficient. Maintaining the bearings of a "moderate candidate from the Left," after confirming that there was no intention of nationalizing anything whatsoever, the deceptive Hugo Chavez successfully conveyed the illusion of a rational, dependable and judicious presidential candidate who had overcome the former proclivities of a young officer who had once failed to trigger a military coup d'état. --- (H. Chavez before the election) --- (H. Chavez years after the election)

In October 2010, the Brazilian people is being asked by the Labor Party (PT) to elect their "recently enhanced", more attractive presidential candidate, Ms. Dilma Rousseff who recurrently goes out of her way to imply reverence for Brazil's democratic institutions along with respect for the opposition parties. Interestingly, there is abundant evidence to the effect that Ms Rousseff has been frequently praised and blatantly supported by the Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez, who often underscores his enormous admiration for a woman he considers a "fellow South American patriot" (thus implying a theoretical co-patriotism for the future South American socialist nation, as envisioned by the São Paulo Forum). In this connection, it should be highlighted that the Venezuelan ruler greatly admires Dilma's "valiant" participation in the shameful, successful stratagem to kidnap an American ambassador to Brazil during the time when the country was under the government of a military regime.

While the PT candidate attempts to conceal or minimize her former status of "subversive" or "domestic terrorist", given her direct unquestionable engagement in kidnappings, assassinations, and bank robberies, this former criminal also makes concerted effort to disguise her growing strategic ties with the totalitarian regime in Caracas (along with increasing terms of personal connection with their "ruler"), even when directly confronted about such liaison by members of the Brazilian media in national television. --- (H. Chavez praises Dilma Rousseff) --- (Dilma eludes connection with Chavez)

As a result, it is appalling and painful to witness one's country of birth, from afar, providing a convicted murderer and kidnapper, who sponsors or defends pending legislation that includes disguised versions of censorship, and maintains excellent relations with the most brutal socialist dictators of Latin America, with the opportunity to become the leader of the nation. Unfortunately, I must question the ability of the naïve members of the Brazilian working class to pay any attention or understand the magnitude of her crimes vis-à-vis the true face of the political party Ms Rousseff represents, notwithstanding its boundless corruption, shameless deceptive tactics and obvious long-term socialist goals.

Under the circumstances, I must regrettably wrap up my assessment with the most disagreeable conclusion that unless something extraordinary emerges to unmask these horrifying hypocritical monsters, our wonderful, peaceful and happy country will join the growing list of doomed nations where oppression, censorship and fear abounds. --- (H. Chavez praises Dilma at conference)

Monday, August 2, 2010


Any potential dictator or radical political party surreptitiously aspiring to secure absolute power in Latin America without engaging dramatic popular revolutions, or a military backed coup d’état, must proceed with utmost caution along a fastidiously planned pathway. Regardless of the selected course of action, it would be indispensable for any such ambitious individual or conspiring oligarchy to have available at the twinkling of an eye, recourse to a wide range of deceptive tools, including the strategic positioning of a complex network of “secret special agents” throughout the entire region; with the additional caveat that each of these cautiously implanted operatives must remain “dormant” and inconspicuous for an extended period of time.

One of the most fundamental mechanisms – possibly indispensable for the successful completion of any such ambitious ventures – would comprise the ability of indirectly gathering data, influencing third parties and manipulating key institutions, corporations, the armed forces, in addition to multiple sources of the nation's power and telecommunications grid: the traditional media (Networks / Press) and High-Tech centers (Internet based conglomerates). This essential covert operation would require the installation of inconspicuous, cunning agents with the purpose of playing a virtually invisible role, remaining impartial yet always alert – while in a technically “dormant” condition - within each targeted organization. After securing dependable and efficient lines of indirect communications with the plot’s command center and any additional “contact parties”, every secret operative would be responsible for expeditiously diffusing any vital data that is successfully uncovered: trends, fears and general impressions/expectations from key-members and decision-makers, whereas identifying which members adhere to opposing political philosophies and those liable to become potential “trouble-makers” in the future.

Additionally, for members of this secretive network of Extraordinary Operatives to be in a position to effectively infiltrate any organization, financial institution or Blog, they should preferably refrain from holding prominent / visible positions within their respective assignments (CEO, Military Officer, Member of Parliament, aristocrat, etc), given the unavoidable scrutiny such individuals must generally undergo, as it could potentially pose an unnecessary risk of exposure for the entire scheme. Nonetheless, one would scarcely require the prominence of a major share-holder, military officer, or head of a labor union, in order to demonstrate one's ability to become a successfully dormant political spy... Rather, it would be prudent for these special “players” to portray inconspicuous profiles (such as "a blue-color worker" or a "member of the cleaning staff") whose modest stations if supplemented by agreeable or "shy" personal traits - for instance, a popular “Mr.Nice-Guy” or a relatively recluse individual – would empower all special agents with the necessary invisibility which they may occasionally require to successfully “cover their tracks”, thereby concealing their “true colors.”

These extraordinary agents should be exceptionally clever individuals with the cunning aptitude to influence, manipulate, impersonate and even intimidate previously identified officers or public officials within their assigned arena of operations, where their constant vigilance while in proximity of potentially dangerous / suspicious elements is paramount, whereas always ensuring that vital data be continuously identified and rapidly distributed up to the command chain. Often, such “monolithic spies” may also feel obliged to introduce “moles” of their own creation, designed to antagonize all parties involved, including those who may be safely under their “direct sphere of influence”. The most frequent objectives for elaborating extraordinary, “fake antagonistic personas” include: the occasional necessity to discretely create havoc in order to intimidate opponents, to jettison any undesirable outside force, to distract attention away from other key, unrelated events, or perhaps in to simply punish any follower or supporter who may have either stepped out of line or proven to be too resilient at any given time. Most importantly, these discrete and exceptionally witty elements must forever (or for as long as feasible) maintain the deceptive outlook of an modest, inconspicuous, and completely harmless low-key fellow, whose friendly stance and political neutrality could be maintained, at any point in time, thoroughly indisputable!

Outfitted with a broad array of strategically placed Secret & Discrete Agents, any aspiring dictator and deceptive political party would surely be poised to obtain significant information from a wide variety of sources way ahead of the great majority of his/her countrymen, and before most existing members of opposing factions could manage to assemble and dissect the same – potentially enormous – amount of data. Furthermore, and perhaps most importantly such tyrants-in-waiting would also be poised to indirectly manipulate countless key factors, players, and circumstances, thereby significantly enhancing, in the long run, the chances for such deceptive stratagem send them victorious, securing complete control of their trusting nation.

Sunday, August 1, 2010


The theme of Social injustice valiantly underscored by several Latin American socialists has undoubtedly been afflicting Humanity ever since our ancient Neolithic ancestors gave up their traditional nomadic way of life for the benefits derived from permanent settlements at the banks of rivers and lakes at the dawn of our current civilization circa nine millennia ago. Since the institution of agricultural production gradually evolved from the most rudimentary types where output was equally divided among small settlements of nearly “equal” settlers (primitive communism) into increasingly more sophisticated methods of large scale harvest - required to feed growing populations – mankind was compelled to implement the concept of land ownership, thus embarking upon the long, perilous road towards the ever growing levels of inequality, injustice and oppression of the “Many” by the “Few”.

Because of these monumental changes, the indispensable conditions were set for the rise of the first great civilizations in Summer, Egypt, China and Central America, whereby mankind sowed the foundations a historic, millenary dilemma: the introduction of an underclass of poor peasants/workers continuously exploited, across the ages, by self-indulgent secular and religious minorities owning the means of production. Although the growing wealth of the elites was built, maintained and increased on account of the sacrifices of continuously subjugated masses, they were often held in slavery or serfdom, as wretched “creatures” at the bottom of the social strata.

Despite this dramatic summary of human socio-economic history, it is unnecessary to prescribe to extremist political philosophies in order to concur with valid claims outlined by socialist intellectuals a propos the plight of the oppressed classes and the resulting extreme income disparity, the remarkable distinctions of rights and privilege, and the unfair dissimilarity between a small, overly- indulged group of owners of under-utilized fields versus countless millions of dispossessed laborers.

Notwithstanding historical inequalities and social injustice, any well-intended political activist striving for the elimination of these unacceptable conditions should take a step back and seriously consider the actual outcome of adopting so-called noble ideals containing exceedingly dangerous and deceptive political philosophies lest they might permit logic and wisdom to be blinded by lunacy and raw emotions. In order to avoid the inevitable and incalculable blunders that would surely follow decisions to implement an authoritarian (Leninist) system based on Marxism, well intended revolutionaries and/or decision-makers who are not blinded by obsessive ideology should strive to appraise the long-term results of any such consideration, based on extensive historical data, which would follow a theoretical revolution, namely:

• Establishment of a centralized, governmental body (representing a powerful political oligarchy)
• Suppression of any opposing faction (along with any organization that might be considered reactionary)
• Imposition of censorship in all means of communication (thereby curbing dissemination of all subsequent events)
• Confiscation of all private property (all existing real state, luxury items, arable land and industrial facilities)
• Establishment of Five-Year economic plan (elimination of market forces, estimation of what will be needed)
• Imposition of an official Ideological guideline to which everyone should adhere (including the previously oppressed masses which the revolution allegedly attempts to liberate)
• Adoption of a “free” educational system (with the same previous available resources to be share by every child whereby the quality of such an education would be limited by topics deemed to be in conformity with the previously mentioned ideological guidelines)
• Suppression of free flow of individuals across the national territory

Due to revolutionary measures adopted by the Socialist state,
Sincere and realistic analysis of these unavoidable revolutionary measures, historically adopted by Socialist States, would undeniably demonstrate that, within a few decades, the following scenario would be nearly inevitable.

• Massive amounts of confiscated land/property/luxury items would mysteriously be assigned to the NEW ELITE (the upper echelons of the “Communist Party”), whose privileged members would literally benefit from the use of “state assets” assigned or given as compensation for “services rendered to Socialism”.
o In essence, these “rewards” represent nothing short of formalizing theft (of the previously LEGITIMATE owners by a new (hypocritically labeled “Vanguard”) Group of Party officials’
• Massive lags in production activity resulting from a few subsequent disastrous 5-Year plans responsible for shortages on literally every item, inefficient distribution of goods and massive lines for every product.
o In essence, this impose a multitude of difficulties for the citizenry , as entire families must assign the additional arduous task for individuals to queue for hours in order to purchase basic items (food, shoes, clothing, etc) without any guaranties vis-à-vis the available and/or quality of any such goods.
o Most importantly, such abysmal production system would be nevertheless broadcast as successful ventures meriting praises of the “superior” socialist way of live”.
• The unavoidable appearance of BLACK MARKETS - which although officially classified as “illegal”, would be widely tolerated, as they would benefit the new SOCIALIST elite;
o In essence, this phenomenon would surely trigger a very high but UNOFFICIAL inflation as many items would be available at exorbitant prices (but not considered by official economists)
• Centrally Appointed Local governing bodies would possess nearly absolute authority to implement and interpret a newly established (and so-called “democratic) socialist legal system
o In essence, due to pre-existing personal conflicts, greed, lust, and sheer conceit, multiple cases of coercive methods (blackmail, rape and fabrication of false criminal evidence) along with “theft” of any residual confiscated goods (which could be utilized for compensating Bloc Monitors, black marketers, and extortionists)
• The introduction of Block /Rural Zone MONITORS into the fabric of this castigated society, whose members would be empowered to keep an eye on neighbors and/or family members throughout the nation’s urban, industrial and agricultural sectors.
o In essence, this repressive step would not only undermine further the daily lives of an abused citizenry, but also exponentially increase corruption, as many “patriot socialists” would volunteer in order to derive personal benefits from the oppressed residents within his/her jurisdiction; whereas others would be coerced into this role by virtue of blackmail or intimidation
•The emergence of two parallel Foreign Currency Markets
o One official , designed to serve diplomats and foreign residents (but also available to the New Socialist Elite), while the other unofficial (Black Foreign Currency Market), which would exist “underground” yet everywhere - most likely reflecting the ACTUAL value of the Socialist currency, and hence exerting additional inflationary pressure (yet, surely excluded by government economists).

As for the original masses of underprivileged peasants and workers whom the “New Socialist State” was supposed to “liberate,” they would continue subsisting with scarcely any improved conditions, since they would also be subject to the very same inefficient and stressful settings introduced by the authoritarian polity holding sway over the new establishment. Essentially, the resulting polity would comprise a National Labor Camp of terrorized citizens collectively enduring the harsh reality of long hours of labor tainted with neglect (given the absence of personal incentives and disagreeable working conditions) followed by considerable additional time spent queuing for scarce, less diverse goods and services, where earning would accumulate with a devalued currency which could not be spent given the near absence of entertainment & products. Moreover, these grim conditions would be worsened by the loss of individual liberties/privacy, exposure to oppressive vigilance and subjection to an unreliable and fiat legal system (a make-shift legal charade), the inefficacy of which would never transpire given the highly censured nature of networks and the press.

Finally, in light of the new “socialist reality”, there would be huge increases in alcoholism among the highly oppressed population – as it constitutes a major (sole) “escape valve” for accumulated frustration, fear and hopelessness, whereas also attempting to compensate for a bleak, pointless existence without entertainment, and devoid of Liberty, thereby scarcely meeting the objectives of original socialist intellectuals which valiantly struggled for the implementation of an unrealistic Socialist Polity of disappointed dreamers and hypocritical ideologues.