Saturday, February 3, 2018


The breeze of a lost world bears the scent of scorched dreams
It smells acrid, like an amalgamation of elapsed grievances
Menacing clouds around us resemble smoke of wasted initiatives
Like discarded orchids, sinking in the sea of longing, hopelessly…

The silent sky triggers an acute sadness, lingering without a purpose
It feels frigid, like a distressing combination of neglected expectations
Floating lilies on a stream of tears, lead to a bottomless lake of despair
Like burning blood vessels, struggling with unmet desires, helplessly

Joy and Happiness appear quite small while in the grip of our hands
Yet, if suddenly misplaced, we find how large and precious they were
Hope and Dignity belong to the valiant souls willing to embrace hope 
But if they are taken from us, we find at once how gigantic they were…

Mere mortals, we beg Olympus for significant meanings and objectives
Throughout the ages, we wandered lost, vanquished, and misguided
Despite immense sorrow and endless fear, we stumble in all directions
Deprived of Joy, Happiness, Hope and Dignity, we lose our humanity…

Now unrecognizable, we are undistinguished from witless creatures…

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